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Bahrain man to be questioned over Twitter posts

A Bahrain human rights activist has been summoned for questioning after posting Twitter messages containing images of a man who died at a detention centre over the weekend.

Nabeel Rajab, the head of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, is under investigation by government authorities over posting what the Bahrain News Agency classified as “false images” of Ahmed Isa Sager, a man who died at a Bahrain detention centre on Saturday. Rajab accused the government of using torture on the man, which he says led to Sager's death.

The Twitter post linked to YouTube images which can be found here.

The deputy adviser for legal affairs at the interior ministry accused Rajab of doctoring the images of Sager, claiming they were different to those taken by officials after Sager's death. Reuters reports that neither Bahrain's government or news agency have explained how these images differed.

Rajab denied that the images were altered and said: "All this effort to strike at my credibility because the number of followers I have on Twitter and Facebook is more than the viewers of Bahrain TV."

Rajab has yet to be questioned, but this clampdown on the use of social networking to oppose government forces is similar to that seen in neighbouring countries over recent months.

Protests have grown since uprisings led to the toppling of governments in Tunisia and Egypt, the first in a wave of cries for democratic reform across the Arab world.