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Doro 610 – hands-on walkthrough in pictures

One Mobile Ring recently attended the launch event of the new Swedish based Doro mobile phones, which are targeted at the over 65s with their easy to use keyboards along with an easy to read screen. Below is a hands-on walkthrough of the first of their 5th generation handset, in the Doro PhoneEasy 610 that is due to go on sale in June.

Doro PhoneEasy 610 clambshell mobile tips up with an adjustable text menu, for enlarging SMS messages that makes them easy to read for the older person, along with a range of text colours such as yellow on black - the last colours to go, in a certain visual impairment.

The phone also has an In Case of Emergency contact on the main menu, which besides just offering someone to contact, can house a number of people to get in touch with with a list of medical conditions and ailments too - for £130.

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