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Facebook sexy golf video scam dupes 300,000 users

Online security company Websense has issued a warning to Facebook users over a saucy video scam that has already conned nearly 300,000 people.

The scam teases visitors with a suggestive picture, urging them to click on a link to 'The Hottest & Funniest Golf Course Video - LOL' and tricking them not only to 'Like' the page, but also to share it with their friends - all by exploiting standard Facebook APIs.

Users clicking on the link are taken to another page, but before they can watch the promised video, they're asked to fill out a pop-up survey - allowing scammers to nab email addresses and other details, and leaving users vulnerable to spam or even identity theft.

And once they've done all that, it turns out there's no video after all.

In a blog post (opens in new tab) released late on Friday, Patrik Runald, senior research manager at Websense Security Labs, wrote:

"During the 15 minutes it took to write our Security Alert over 7,000 new users were tricked to 'like' The Hottest & Funniest Golf Course page so it's clear this is a successful campaign. The attackers haven't even bothered to change the title of the payload site.

"The title still says 'Look What Happens When a Father Catches her Daughter on Webcam' which is another scam that went around Facebook months ago. As always, if a video forces you to like, share, or install an app to view it, DON'T DO IT!" monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.