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Google Buys Mobile Music Firm PushLife For $25 Million

Google has bought the Canada based mobile music syncing company PushLife for an amount reported to be somewhere around $25 million.

With this latest acquisition, PushLife has become the 3rd Toronto based company, after Bumptop and SocialDeck, to be acquired by the search giant.

PushLife was founded 3 years ago by the former Research in Motion employee, Ray Reddy. The company specialises in providing solutions for non-Apple devices to sync to iTunes.

PushLife also offers a number of other services, such as providing platforms for users to sync their music with the services directly offered by their mobile operators. The cross-platform applications from PushLIfe support a variety of products from all the leading brands like BlackBerry, Nokia, LG, Samsung and many more.

PushLife announced on its website, “We’ll be joining Google’s engineering team in Canada, and will be working on building better mobile applications for all users. The past three years have been an incredible ride and, while we will be eventually discontinuing the PushLife service, we look forward to more adventures at Google,”

According to reports, with this new acquisition, Google is looking towards merging PushLife’s technology with its Android music platform which would enable users to pull in playlists from iTunes.