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Google Stops Street View Project In Germany

Google has officially decided to refrain from adding more images to its Street View feature in Google Maps for Germany, a report has revealed.

The company stated that it had no intentions of updating the Street View online images, although they will not be taking down the images already posted on the web.

"We have no plans to launch new imagery on Street View in Germany at this stage," a Google representative told the Register.

Hinting at a shift in the company’s priorities, spokesman Matt McGee said, “Our business priority is to use our Google cars to collect data such as street names and road signs to improve our basic maps for our users in a similar way that other mapping companies do.”

Google Street View was first introduced in Germany last summer, and after a painfully lengthy negotiation process with German officials, the company came up with the option of blurring out the residences of those who opt out, to keep in sync with the tight privacy laws in the country.

Earlier, a German woman had sued the search giant claiming that the Street View was violating her right to privacy, but a Berlin Court overruled the charge saying that the service offered by Google was not illegal.

However, it seems that all the negative publicity and protests from various corners of the country have finally forced Google to give in. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.