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MOSAID sues Nvidia, Freescale, Interphase

MOSAID, a patent licensing and intellectual property development firm based in Canada, has filed suit against Freescale, Nvidia, and Interphase, claiming the company are violating its patents.

While the company does not usually produce any hardware itself, it does hold a vast quantity of patents - a method of doing business which is becoming increasingly popular in the US. These patents, the company claims, are being infringed by the three target companies in power management systems and microprocessor architectures used in graphics processors, application processors, and system-on-chip designs.

While the papers filed by MOSAID claim that the three companies have very different products which all infringe its patents, the companies do have one thing in common: all three produce products featuring ARM processing cores.

The company claims that its decision to file comes as a last resort, following the refusal by the named companies to take out licensing agreements to use MOSAID's patents.

"Unfortunately, it is increasingly clear that many companies now require litigation in order to seriously consider taking a licence in a timely manner, despite our continued desire to resolve patent infringement disputes through licensing discussions," claimed MOSAID's president John Lindgren. "In such circumstances, we are prepared to litigate in order to defend our intellectual property rights."

Unlike some patent pool holders, which are often referred to as 'patent trolls' for seemingly waiting for a company to gain success with a product before launching an aggressive lawsuit seeking damages and injunctions, MOSAID is well known in the industry. Technologies developed by the company for memory semiconductors are licensed by a variety of companies, and it has its own in-house research and development team working on new patents.

So far, the defendants have yet to publicly respond to MOSAID's allegations, which were laid out in documents filed with the US District Court in Eastern Texas. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.