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Mozilla Steps Up Development Cycle, Firefox 5 By June 21st

Open source software maker Mozilla has revamped its Firefox development cycle aiming to release new browsers more quickly to the market, similar to how Google does with Chrome.

If Mozilla adheres to the 18-week development cycle, Firefox 5 will be released by June 21st. Mozilla only recently released Firefox 4, which received around 4 million downloads in the first 24 hours of its launch.

The company had earlier announced that it plans to roll out Firefox 6 and 7 by the end of this year as well. Mozilla has taken a leaf out of Google's book by looking to release new browser versions quickly. Google has used its super-fast development cycle to significantly boost its browser market share.

Mozilla revealed that it will be adding a new development channel, Aurora, to its existing Nightly, Beta and Release phases to bridge the gap between Nightly and Beta versions of the browser. According to the company the Aurora channel will include 'builds created out of the mozilla-aurora repository, which is synced from mozilla-central every 6 weeks. There is a small amount of QA at the start of the 6 week period before the updates are offered.'

“We are confident this process will enable us to ship quality Firefox releases to users at a faster cadence and ask for your patience as we hammer out the final remaining items,” the company said.