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Police Given Faster Access To National Mobile Phone Database

The UK police will now be able to determine whether a mobile phone is stolen in a matter of seconds after the NPIA (National Policing Improvement Agency) revamped the manner in which police access the National Mobile Phone Register.

Prior to these changes, the police took around 20 minutes to check whether a mobile phone was stolen. Now, constables on the beat will be able to access the National Mobile Phone Register straight from their PDAs.

The NPIA integrated the NMPR directly into the Police National Computer (PNC), allowing easier and quicker access to the mobile phone register.

On average, police constables carry out 25,000 searches in the National Mobile Phone Register each month, with each search taking around 20 minutes. With the enhanced access to the database, the police will be able to do their job much more easily and quickly, and hopefully therefore recovering more stolen mobile phones.

“With tens of thousands of mobiles being stolen every year across the country, mobile phone theft is a significant problem. However, by helping forces use the National Mobile Phone Register more efficiently, this improvement should help police officers provide a better service to the public and recover more of their stolen and lost mobile phones,” Tom McArthur, NPIA Director of Operations, said in a statement.