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Sony PSP Price Falls Down To £99

Sony announced that it will cut the price of the Playstation Portable, its popular portable gaming platform to £114 in Continental Europe and already there are signs that the cut are coming here even if Sony hasn't committed to anything on this side of the Channel.

Retailing giant Tesco has slashed the price of the Sony PSP 3000 Radiant Red to a mere £99 with 198 Clubcard points on top of that. That's down from the suggested selling price of £149; the black version of the gaming console still retails for £125 though.

The console had launched in 2008 and is known as the PSP Slim & Lite. It has an improved LCD screen with an increased colour range, half the pixel response time and five times the contrast ratio compared to the previous PSP-2000.

In addition, the sub-pixel structure also helps reduce blurring and ghosting effects that the previous generation was notorious for. Sony says that the newer version is a third lighter (at 189g) and 19 per cent thinner than the older one.

Other changes include much better web access, a microphone with Skype functionality, Wi-Fi, a 64MB internal memory, video out functionality, a smaller battery that can still deliver upt o seven hours worth of gaming time.