Verizon To Offer Digital Media Services Solution

Verizon has announced that it plans to launch a 'content-to-customers' digital media service that will allow entertainment and media companies to offer live and on-demand media content to smartphones, tablets, the living room or the car.

The company said that Verizon Digital Media Services, which will be launched in July, will allow media companies to automate the formatting, managing and delivering of media content on an array of internet enabled devices on a large scale.

The service is aimed at effectively allowing media companies to produce, manage and distribute premium media programmes to users, who will be able to view the content how and where they want.

Media firms will also be able to offer high-quality video streaming services on any kind of screen size using the platform.

According to the company Turner Broadcasting, Hearst Magazines and The Associated Press will be among the first media companies to test the Verizon Digital Media Services platform. The platform, which is largely being developed by Verizon, will also see software and hardware inputs from companies like Technicolor, Motorola and Alcatel-Lucent to support the advanced capabilities of the platform.

“Verizon is creating a first-of-its-kind automated digital utility. With this unique delivery platform, built on top of Verizon's high-IQ infrastructure, content owners, entertainment companies and digital media retailers will be able to create new business models that capitalize and deliver on the promise of digital entertainment,” Mike Millegan, president of Global Wholesale, said in a statement.