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After Kindle, Will Ads Come To Amazon Tablet?

Amazon unleashed a special ad-supported edition of its Kindle ebook reader earlier today, and if it turns out to be widely adopted, Amazon may well use the same scheme to bring down the price of its rumoured tablet.

At $114, the 'Kindle with Special Offers' is $25 cheaper than the original; that's not that much given the fact that, in theory, it gives the green light to Amazon to tap into the immense database of customer details it has built up over the past years.

Kindle is essentially tied to the users' accounts and their historical transactions. This provides a unique insight into the estimated 121 million customers worldwide who have purchased services and goods from the online retailer.

Remember, Amazon is the one who brought us one-click purchases and popularised the concept of online shopping. It has gradually spread its tentacles and now covers just as many areas when it comes to content as Apple with ebooks, audiobooks, music tracks, online video and of course software downloads.

Porting all this to a tablet would be just as natural as Apple's decision to make iTunes central to its mobile strategy. Of course, Amazon already released an alternative to Google's Android Market, called App Store for Android, back in March and therefore has almost all the missing pieces for a comprehensive tablet strategy.

Its no surprose then that there have been a number of rumours over an Amazon tablet emerging over the past few months. So should Amazon plan to have say $50 discount (or $50 Amazon vouchers) on a $349 Android tablet that uses Qualcomm's Mirasol and displays colour screen savers, that could prove to be quite enticing.