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Amazon Unleashes $114 Ad-Supported Kindle

Retail giant Amazon has announced the launch of an ad-supported Kindle, named "Kindle with Special Offers", for those who want to save up to $25 on the retail price of the tablet, down to $114.

The tablet sells for £109 in the UK which means that if the same scheme is introduced here, it could bring down the price of the tablet to less than £100.

Amazon promises that the adverts will not disrupt the reading experience and only carefully selected partners like Visa, Chase and Olay would appear either on the screen saver or at the bottom of the page.

It is not known whether customers will be able to "pay back" Amazon at a later stage to remove adverts from their ad-supported e-reader.

Amazon said that it will use AdMash to allow Amazon to choose which ads will appear on the Kindle Ebook reader, which will go on sale in the UK from the 3rd of May at Target, Best Buy and online.

An even more interesting feature is a service that allows users to rate screensaver ads, possibly like Digg, which will mean that those getting the most votes are likely to stay.

Amongst the special offers available for Kindle users are a half price Amazon Gift card, a $1 album and 50% off a Roku box, from a list will be continually updated by Amazon.