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Bebo Gets A Facelift

Ailing social networking platform Bebo has launched a newly revamped version in a bid to attract users that are fed up with Facebook.

Under the new ownership of Criterion Capital Partners, the platform has revamped the entire user interface to offer a less congested news feed and a Facebook-like comments system, according to the Telegraph (

The new Bebo also features a 'follow me' function which allows users to see who has recently view their profiles and a set of new 'follow' functions that let users decide which users appear on their news feeds.

Criterion Capital Partners acquired Bebo from internet firm AOL at $10 million, significantly less than the $850 million AOL paid to the platform's creator Michael Birch.

Birch has now reinvested in the company and is advising the new owners about the kind of strategy they should apply while competing with social networking giant Facebook, which has more than 500 million users.

“There are lots of gaps in what Facebook provides. It doesn’t provide media or lots of games – apart from its apps. Nor are users able to change their profile that much. The site stays largely the same – whereas on Bebo we are going offer users an online location they can really personalise,” Birch said in a statement to The Telegraph.