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Cost Savings No More A Prime Factor For Adopting The Cloud

In spite of constantly being in the midst of a cash-strapped business environment, only 16 percent of organisations in UK consider cost to be the prime factor for adoption of cloud computing, a recent study suggests.

The study conducted by the Cloud Industry Forum also pointed towards a new tradition where an overwhelming 53% of the total UK firms said that it was the flexibility, and not cost that forced them into initial adoption of the cloud. The study included both public and private sectors.

Andy Burton, the chairman of the Cloud Industry Forum said, "While financial benefits are achieved and do drive further investment from companies already using the cloud, it is the agility given to businesses to deliver new services, access technology quickly and to offer solutions that they did not already have, that has driven initial adoption".

The study also revealed that organisations with more than 20 employees are usually leading the cloud revolution, while those with 20 or less employees along with public organisations are lagging behind in the trend.

With this study, it has now become clear that primarily the services like e-mail, data back-up, storage and disaster recovery are boosting up the usage of the cloud services.

Also, according to the report, a majority 85 per cent of these organisation currently using cloud services, are likely to increase their usage in the next 12 months itself.