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Cotendo Releases Cloud-based CDN

Content delivery network (CDN) service provider Cotendo has released its new Cloudlet cloud-based CDN platform.

According to the company, the new cloud based environment will enable mobile and wired content providers to expand their business model by offering highly customised, personalised, device-specific content to users.

“Instead of the customers having to re-architect their websites or applications to fit the CDN, we [designed] our CDN to easily adapt to the websites and applications of our customers,” Udi Trugman, Vice President of Research & Development at Cotendo, said in a statement.

“Cloudlet modules radically simplify the efficient delivery and acceleration of personalised applications, without the usual required overhead of modifying the application for integration with acceleration services,” he added.

The entire platform will be manageable from a single control panel, the company said. The cloud based content delivery platform will enable Cotendo to compete with companies like Akamai and Limelight Networks in the fiercely competitive content delivery market.

Cotendo said that Cloudlet comes integrated with the company's Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA) service, which results in faster content delivery. The platform is also integrated with Cotendo's DNS traffic routing services and its Site Assure content delivery monitoring services.