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Enormous Data Breach At Texas Comptroller's Office

An enormous data breach was discovered at the Texas Comptroller’s office, which stored records on 3.5 million Texans on publicly accessible servers for over one year. The records included personal information such as birthdays, home-addresses and social security numbers.

"I want to reassure people that the information was sealed off from any public access immediately after the mistake was discovered, and was then moved to a secure location," Susan Combs, the Texas Comptroller was clearly looking quite surprised and angry when she said in a statement. "This will not happen again."

Texas state attorney general Greg Abbott has responded to the public outrage by ordering an investigation into the matter.

Melissa Benavides, one of the 3.5 million victims of these breaches, expressed her anger by saying, "It's scary, especially with so much identity theft,”. She continued, “I mean you try to keep yourself protected and then for something like that to happen.”

The agency is taking a series of corrective measures,sending letters to people whose records were exposed and creating the webstie www. to provide information and recommend additional stpes for safeguarding personal data.