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Google Introduces Its Own Trivia Game

Tuesday’s print edition of the New York Times will witness the debut of “A Google A Day”- a new trivia game by the Stanford based search giant.

The game which will find its place just above the crossword puzzle in the newspaper, is intended to encourage more googling amongst its users. The game will feature a trivia question each day, getting progressively harder, just like the paper's famous crossword.

Participants can find the answer to these trivia questions at, a specially designed website which excludes real-time search and other features that could potentially disrupt the game. The participants will also be provided with search tips and other forms of assistance to guide them through the search process.

But if you are still unable to find the answers in the search engine itself, you can look to your buddies via Facebook, Twitter, Buzz or email. There will also be a provision for following “A Google A Day” which will deliver vital clues on your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

"As the world of information continues to explode, we hope A Google a Day triggers your imagination and helps you discover all the types of questions you can ask Google—and get an answer," Google said in a blog post.