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Google Print Cloud Supports Online Printing

Developers have started exploiting Google Cloud Print support on the Android, launching a new Firefox Mobil extension that allows users to print from within the browser.

Developer Mark Finkle has dished out the Cloud Printer 1.0.1 extension for the Android version of the popular open source web browser.

Users will be able to print web pages from the browser to their printers that are compatible with Google's Cloud Print service, which one day hopes to let users to print wirelessly over the cloud. Currently only Hewlett Packard's ePrint line of connected printers support Google's service.

Meanwhile, HP plans to roll-out an app that lets users print from their Android devices. According to a report ( (opens in new tab)) on Total Telecom, the company will release the ePrint Services application on May 1. The HP app does not make use of Google's Cloud Print service.

“There's a huge amount of security that's required when you're dealing with sensitive documents and mobile printing,” Mark Quiroz, who heads HP's marketing for corporate printing products, said in a statement.

The app will allow individuals and employees to print emails, documents and presentations from their Android devices using HP's internet enabled printers. The company has already released a similar app for Apple's iPhone and plans to release it on the webOS platform in the third quarter.