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Intel Oak Trail CPU To Power Future Google Products?

Intel may well provide Google with a two chip solution for its next generation products, as an Intel executive revealed that the company is working with the web giant to bring Android 3.0 to Intel-powered tablets.

Bill Kircos told PC World that Honeycomb can run on Oak Trail solutions and that it is up to the device manufacturers themselves to decide whether or not they should ship products based on the two technologies.

Intel and Google have enjoyed a very good partnership. Google chose Intel's Sodaville embedded Atom solution over ARM for its first Google TV products, including set top boxes and televisions.

Intel's Atom is also powering Google's CR48 Chrome laptop, and it is very likely that Intel's embedded version of the newly announced Oak Trail chip, the Z650, will end up powering some of Google's own products.

The chip has a single core CPU clocked at 1.5GHz with 512KB L2 cache, Intel's GMA600 graphics solution (which is based on Imagination Technologies' PowerVR SGX535, the same as on the iPad) as well as support for up to 2GB single channel DDR2 memory.

In theory the tablet will be fast enough to power demanding applications such as; decoding high definition video streams and playing full HD video content. Though the battery life of the device is still unknown.