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iPhone 5 Production - Delayed?

Adding more to the ongoing rumors of a delayed launch of the iPhone 5, a news report citing a key component supplier has claimed that Apple has no intention of beginning the device’s production before September, this year.

The Business Insider Report cited the conversation between Avian Securities and one of Apple's parts manufacturers that it is unlikely to see the fifth generation iPhone hitting the market any prior to the fall of 2011, or early 2012.

A statement from Avian claimed: "Conversations with yet another key component supplier indicate that production for iPhone 4 will begin in September". It further added, "This is consistent with Avian findings in the supply chain in recent months and we believe the consensus view is moving toward this scenario."

If these on going rumours are to be believed, it will be a direct violation on Apple’s part to its own policy of an annual product update cycle. The fourth generation iPhone was launched in June last year, so theoretically Apple should come up with the iPhone 5 no later than this summer.

However, there has been already a fair amount of speculations going about Apple breaking this tradition with the release of the new iPhone product.