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Microsoft And Google Lock Horns

Microsoft Corp. has taken its battle with Google over a key US government contract to an entirely new “bitter” territory by claiming that Google is misleading the government agencies by issuing false claims over the security features in its Google Apps for Government offering.

Google straight away rejected the allegations made by its rival by reassuring all the concerned sides about the security features being entirely full-proof.

Earlier, Microsoft dragged Google into the controversy by revealing in the court that the "Google Apps for Government" is yet to be certified under the Federal Information Management Act (FISMA).

Microsoft deputy general counsel David Howard wrote in a recent blog post, "Given the number of times that Google has touted this claim, this was no small development". He added, "It's time for Google to stop telling governments something that is not true."

Countering these offences, Google made a statement on Monday claiming that one version of its Google Apps has already got clearance from FISMA. .

"Google Apps for Government is the same system with enhanced security controls that go beyond FISMA requirements," Google said.

With these fresh rounds of “bitter” allegations and counter-allegations, the tension between the two technology giants is expected to reach an entirely new level as both hope to capitalise on the surge of cloud computing requirement in the US government.