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Revamped Bebo strikes back at Facebook

Once up on a time, Bebo was a popular social network with teenagers. Indeed, the site was established before the term 'social network' came into regular use. But that was before Facebook really captured the public imagination and rose to its current lofty perch.

"I don't see why yous have to copy the facebook layout," wrote user 'Commander Saturn'. "I can understand yous want more users and everything, but the fact of the matter is, people come here because it's not facebook. It used to be so original and awesome really.. but now it's just.. it's pathetic really

Please, consider changing it back?"

'Dr. Catherine Deane' chipped in: "All it's done so far is make me want to delete loads of people from my friends list. When the home page told you what your top 100 friends were doing that was okay, but everyone on your friends list? I think I should have a massive cull."

"I'm sorry but this getting rediculous and i have held my tongue for too long," wrote 'Lady Annabeth Aquamell'. "Bebo attracted me to it because it was different. Not because it was facebook. I can't stand facebook. You have taken away peoples privacy and where the hell do i find my mail? Change bebo or you will lose alot of peole. This layout sucks."

User comments are always difficult to deal with, they are fickle beasts. That said it looks like Bebo has some work on its hands to claw something back from the Facebook behemoth.