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Samsung To Ship NFC Bada Phones Ahead Of iPhone 5?

Samsung hasn't given up on its own Bada mobile platform and apparently will launch two new handsets by the end of the year together with a significant platform update, Bada 2.0.

Samsung France revealed more details at a press conference about the new handsets together with the Wave 578 which is set to be released in June, Bada World reports. The Wave 578 will come with Near Field Communication hardware, with Samsung being the second mainstream manufacturer after Nokia to adopt the technology.

A June launch may also mean that Bada will be the third OS after Symbian and Android to be NFC-compliant ahead of the iPhone 5.

NFC is already present in Samsung's flagship Android handset, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and the Samsung-built Google Nexus S which was launched last year.

All three handsets target lower to mid, mainstream markets. The Wave 578 comes with a 3.2-inch WQVGA screen, a 3-megapixel camera, Bada 1.1, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0.

The second phone - due in September - will come with a 3.7-inch HVGA screen, a front facing VGA camera and a rear 5-megapixel one, Bada 2.0, Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi.

A third device, to be launched in November, will come with a 3.14-inch QVGA display with a 3-megapixel camera, Bada 2.0, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi and support for HSDPA 7.2.