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Windows 7 All Set To Overtake Windows XP

Microsoft's Windows 7 has finally become the leading computer operating system in the US, dethroning Windows XP which has long remained the most sought-after PC OS in the country and all over the world.

According to the latest statistics released by Pingdom, as of April, Windows 7 had the desktop operating system market share of 31.71 percent compared to Windows XP's 31.56 percent share.

Windows Vista, which didn't strike the right cord, managed to come in the third place with 19.07 percent of the market share. Mac OS X trailed at the fourth spot with 14.87 percent of the US operating system market.

Linux based operating system came of the fifth spot with a measly 0.7 percent share followed by other operating systems with 2.09 percent.

“The rapid rise of Windows 7 has been a massive success after Microsoft’s relative failure with Windows Vista (which never got the upper hand on XP). Since its launch in October 2009, the rise of Windows 7 has been straight as an arrow,” Pingdom said in a blog post.

Globally, Windows 7, which has a market share of 31.17 percent, has a long way to go before it catches up with Windows XP, which dominates with a 46.87 percent share. According to Pingdom, Windows 7 has already surpassed Windows XP in terms of market share in the UK, Canada, France, Belgium, Sweden and Germany, among other key markets.