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£319.97 Technika 42-2030 42-Inch LCD TV

The Technika 42-2030 42-inch LCD TV comes as an affordable alternative to the Sony's and LG's out there but lacks some key features that make it loose its edge.

The TV comes fully HD ready for those found of watching high-quality video and movies, offering a widescreen viewing format on its massive 42 inch screen with a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution.

The device comes pre-loaded with Freeview HD TV support for HD programming and three strategically located HDMI ports for enhanced third party media device connectivity. However, the device lacks support for 3D viewing technology and Freeview HD surround sound support.

The support for USB drives allows one to listen to their favourite songs using the built-in high-quality speakers that come with the TV. The TV can also be used for viewing images.

The device does not boast of too many features that are usually desired in TV of its class, but it is best suited for those whose TV viewing experience is limited to only dinner times.

The Technika 42-2030 42-inch LCD TV is available in a refurbished condition from eBay for £319.97 with a 12 month Tesco outlet warranty.