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£87.97 Apple iPod Touch 8GB Second Generation

With Apple's iPod Touch in its fourth generation, people looking for a more affordable option can go for the second generation model of the beloved music player.

The Apple iPod Touch 8GB Second Generation, launched back in 2009, has a bright 3.5-inch, wide-screen multi-touch display with 480x320 resolution. The device's operating system is similar to the one which debuted on the first generation iPod Touch device.

The device, which supports a humble 8GBs of flash memory, comes with pre-loaded Safari web browser, email, contacts, calendar, weather, Google Maps and YouTube apps among other essential applications.

Users can always visit the iTunes App Store for installing additional applications that significantly boost the functionality of the device. Apple's App Store features more than 500,000 apps that enhance the media viewing experience on the device. The store also features a host of games that guarantee that you will never be bored again.

The iPod Touch Second Generation comes pre-loaded with the familiar iTunes application that makes music listening a breeze. With its intuitive controls and in-built music search and discovery features, the app is everything you need to manage and listen to your music collection.

Apple iPod Touch 8GB Second Generation is available in a refurbished condition for £87.97 from eBay with a three month PC World warranty.