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AOL-HuffPo Shuts Down Software Blogging Platfrom 'Download Squad'

Much to the horror of Download Squad’s fans, AOL-Huffington Post has finally decided to go ahead with their proposed termination of the popular software blogging platform.

After the merger of the Huffington Post and AOL, Ariana Huffington-the co founder of the portal was made Editor-in-Chief of approximately 56 sites, and it is believed that Huffington was asked by AOL to immediately shut down or merge 30 of the 56 sites into stronger proopoerties, which eventually lead to the termination of the Download Squad and many others.

It was only last week that a number of freelancers who had worked with the Huffington Post were axed by the newly formed AOL-HuffPo combo, and the group is currently being sued by another group of bloggers who had worked on a volunteer basis.

With these current developments, an email is rumored to be in circulation that warns AOL TV bloggers about a possible termination of their services in the coming days. The email reads: “Many of you will be receiving an email saying your services will no longer be required."

Sebastian Anthony, the editor of the website tweeted on a sad note, “In a world where software is moving towards ubiquity, AOL-HuffPo has seen fit to shut down the best software blog on the Web,.......[This is truly] insane."