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Apple Introduces Final Cut Pro X Video Editing Software

Apple has finally unveiled its Final Cut Pro X, the latest version of the company’s professional video editing software.

Interestingly, Apple claims that this new update is a total re-write of its 12 year old platform. The 64-bit software, written in Apple Cocoa will be equipped with a number of amazing features such as a brand new interface, speedy video editing processes, 100% use of multi core processors, the Apple GCDS and many more.

Apple also announced that the product will be available for direct downloads from June onwards at a price of $299, $100 more than the previous Final Cut Express.

" We've had upgrade pricing, we've had Final Cut Express, we've had Final Cut Studio. So we decided we really wanted to do away with that. We wanted to greatly simplify the pricing structure and make it very easy for you if you decided that you wanted to get a copy of Final Cut Pro," the company said in a statement.

Apple revealed information about the product at the annual SuperMeet event in Las Vegas which usually takes place along with the National Association of Broadcasters trade show. This is the first time in quite a while that Apple has launched a new version of one of its software products at the NAB.