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Apple Q2 Sales Expectations: 7M iPads, 17M iPhones

Mike Abramsky of RBC Capital Markets (opens in new tab) has predicted that the iPad 2 will sell more than 7 million units in the second fiscal quarter of 2011, beating previous Wall Street forecasts.

The financial analysis firm conducted a poll with 2,000 respondents over 9 days, between March 14th and 23rd, finding out that 28% were interested in buying an iPad 2, a 40% increase from last year's similar survey for the original iPad.

Abramsky predicts that Apple will sell 17 million iPhones, registering yet another record, with 800,000 more iPhones sold than in the previous quarter. Nevertheless, these aren’t official figures; Apple is expected to reveal its quarterly data next Wednesday.

Apple’s revenue is expected to increase to $102 billion, 57% more than the second quarter from last year.

“Even at more than $300 billion market capitalization, our outlook calls for Apple to grow faster in fiscal 2011 (57%) than fiscal 2010 (52%), as it remains well positioned against three attractive global markets: neo PC, smartphone and tablet,” Abramsky wrote.

This positive financial evolution is due to the increasing iPad 2 demand, the Verizon iPhone and even the constantly growing reputation of Pro computers and Macbook Air.

Based on the latest data, Apple shares are trading relatively flat at $332.4, with a $1.6 increase since yesterday.

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