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Best Buy Store Accused Of iPad 2 Extortion Tactics

The recent uneasy incidents between Apple and Best Buy don’t seem to have ended, as a would be iPad 2 customer accuses the retailer of underhand sales tactics.

The latest incident involves a Best Buy customer who wrote on CrunchGear (opens in new tab) about how he was almost “blackmailed” into acquiring a $109 protection plan in order to get his hands on an iPad 2.

I was at Best But yesterday while my girlfriend was buying a new pc and asked if they had any iPad 2 in stock and I was told no. As I strolled around I looked up and noticed at least 40 in an overhead lock up area so I inquired about them. I was told by an associate that they were all sold. Two minutes later a manager walks over and says the only way I could have one is if I puchased a 109 dollar Best Buy protection plan.

I said that doesn’t seem right. He then told to try and find one somewhere else, they can do what they want.”

The Best Buy administration has since mentioned that this wasn’t in any way their official policy.

Best Buy had previously been on the defensive, when it was accused of deliberately holding back iPad 2 stocks, thereby trying to influence their sales quota. The company explained that this was normal practice when stocks were running low.

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