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Bloggers Sue HuffPo

Huffington Post, the American online news platform recently acquired by AOL for $315 million, has been subjected to a lawsuit in a US court.

Jonathan Tasini, a former Huffington Post blogger, has filed a lawsuit against the company along with a few other fellow bloggers. He said in a statement that "The Huffington Post is nothing without the bloggers who created the content."

Some have questioned the timing of the lawsuit, which comes two months after HuffPo co-founder Post, Ariana Huffington sold the company to AOL.

The bloggers claim that $105 million out of the $315 million that AOL paid for the company should be awarded to writers who had previously agreed to be unpaid.

Mario Ruiz, the spokesman for the company responded to these allegations by saying that he has yet to have a close look at the details of the lawsuit, but from what he knew the allegations seemed “totally baseless”.

Ruiz reportedly said in a statement, "Our bloggers utilize our platform to connect and ensure that their ideas and views are seen by as many people as possible."

The lawsuit also targeted current HuffPo owner, AOL alleging that it went ahead with the acquisition despite being aware of complaints filed by unpaid bloggers.