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Eye-Fi Unveils A Fully Wi-Fi Enabled Memory Card

Wi-Fi enabled memory card maker Eye-Fi has rolled out a new app that allows its MC users to wirelessly send images directly from their camera to their smartphone and tablet devices.

The Direct Mode app, previewed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is designed to transform a memory card into a Wi-Fi access point that can be accessed by iPhone, iPad or Android phone, allowing users to directly transfer images to the device.

“Now, whether you are out at the beach, taking action shots at a soccer game, getting your photoshoot on at the Golden Gate Bridge, or traveling to Yosemite, you’ll now be able to instantly send your photos & videos straight from your camera to your iPhone, iPad or Android device,” the company explained in a blog post (

The company also released the Eye-Fi Mobile X2 memory card which comes with 8GB of storage and pre-loaded Direct Mode functionality. Users of other Eye-Fi memory cards will have to install a firmware update in order to use the new feature.

The new memory card is available for pre-orders at $80 a piece; the Direct Mode firmware update and the companion Eye-Fi app for iOS and Android devices will be rolled out in a couple of weeks.