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IBM Announces Upgrades To Its Unix-Based Power Servers

IBM has announced updates to its Power systems line up in order to maintain steady sales figures as the market improves.

IBM's new product line up will be equipped with higher density blades and faster processors, hence making its Power 750 servers more efficient.

IBM currently enjoys a healthy lead over its rivals Oracle and Hewitt-Packard in the Unix market, and experts believe that lead has even grown wider since the introduction of the eight core Power 7 processors last year. The company has also benefited from its rivals missteps. HP has seen sales drop since Microsoft and Red Hat announced that they would no longer develop software for the Intel Itanium chip, which HP's high end servers use.

Even htough IBM is the current market leader, the Unix market itself is still suffering from the global downturn. According to the IDC analyst Jed Scaramella, the Unix market has yet to recover from the recession. Scaramella is also concerned that sales may drop by as more than 1% from last year.

But Tom Rosamilia, general manager of IBMt’s Unix and mainframe businesses, expressed the company’s sense of optimism by claiming that there has been a steady leap in the demands for Power systems during the second quarter of 2011.