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iPad 2 Has 40% Higher Demand Than Original iPad

RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky has published the results of a survey conducted on iPad 2 and its demand in the market. The figures show (opens in new tab) that the demand for the iPad 2 is 40% higher than the demand for the original iPad was in May last year.

This significant growth shows again that Apple is finding more and more possible buyers for its latest products.

As much as 28% of the polled respondents said that they were at least somewhat likely to acquire an iPad 2 in the near future.

If we take a look at those that have already bought a new iPad tablet, we notice that the 32 GB Wi-Fi is the most preferred version. The 3G 64 GB is the second most popular, despite the cost and, surprisingly, the 3G 16GB finds itself in the last place.

Although RBC analysts mention that 3G CDMA models were preferred in favour of the GSM (46% of 3G iPad 2 users plan to use Verizon iPad; 30% plan to utilize AT&T's service.), it’s pretty hard to believe, especially knowing that the GSM versions were the most sought after ones, not only by Americans, but also by people from Asia and Europe. Therefore, the survey should be considered an “accurate” representation, when we’re referring mostly to the North-American market.

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