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Logitech outs home security video app for iPad

Logitech has launched Logitech Alert, a high-definition video security app for the iPad.

The app will allow users to employ the iPad as a surveillance screen for viewing video in 720p fed through by Logitech's Alert cameras, including the 750i Master System, 750e Outdoor Master System and the Alert Add-On Camera.

It also allows remote access to the cameras, so that employers can snoop in on their workplace or security-conscious consumers can check that their home is okay and that they didn't leave the cooker on.

The potential benefits of being able to access a security camera network from a tablet may be boundless, as it could free up security staff who can bring the iPad with them as they walk around a premises, without needing to worry that the security screens have been left unattended.

An additional service called the Alert Web and Mobile Commander adds further functionality in the form of live video capture when motion is detected. An option for iPad alerts for motion detection is also available.

Logitech said this is one of many apps it is working on for the iPad.

The app is available immediately for free, while the Logitech Alert Web and Mobile Commander service will retail for $229.99. The cameras sell for between $229.99 and $349.99. For UK pricing it seems you can simply swap the dollar sign for pounds Sterling.