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No iPad 2 Successor Coming This Autumn

Rumours have become a part of Apple’s marketing strategy prior to official releases of its products. One month before the iPad 2 official launch, people we’re already talking about the possible launch of the iPad 2 successor, coming this autumn.

The speculation has been recently shot down by the Taiwanese newspaper DigiTimes, quoting upstream component makers: "Since Apple just released its iPad 2 in early March and is ready to start mass shipping, launching the iPad 3 would simply bite off share from its iPad 2."

We are already used to the habit of Apple to release one new product per year, and this actually seems to be their production cycle. Therefore, having such a short selling period between two products from the same category would simply mess up Apple’s entire business model. However, Apple is already working on the next generation iPad, and especially on its resolution, as an attempt to shake Samsung’s position with its AMOLED display.

Whenever the iPad 2 successor launch will be, it will receive a warm welcome, especially seeing that Apple’s tablet dominance is predicted to last until 2015. In 2010, iPad held a staggering 84% share of the market. Android-based tablets are coming strong from behind though, with Google’s mobile OS expected to reach almost 38.6% 4 years from now, and its push in the tablet sector, threatening Apple’s dominant position.