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Oracle Releases MySQL 5.6

Enterprise software developer Oracle has released a new and revamped version of the MySQL database software.

According to the company, the MySQL 5.6 database comes with new features designed to enhance performance, to make the product more scalable and to enhance compatibility with a range of web-based and cloud based applications.

“With this first MySQL 5.6 development milestone release, we are offering early access to new stable features for testing. Oracle continues to innovate and enhance the MySQL Database, delivering a higher performing, more scalable, reliable and easier to use MySQL,” Oracle vice president of MySQL engineering Tom Ulin, said in a statement.

Oracle revealed that the new database platform will come with improved database back-up functions, advanced query speeds, added monitoring and management tools. The software also comes with enhanced partition management functions that make it easier for users to manage large data sets by distributing them into different tables.

MySQL’s future was under the scanner ever since Oracle acquired its parent company Sun Microsystems. However, with this new update, the company has proved that it remains focused on working with developers in order to improve and expand the platform.