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Ovi Store Achieved 5m Downloads Daily Says Nokia

Nokia has announced today that its app store, the Ovi Store, has reached the five million downloads per day milestone which although impressive, pales in comparison with the leader of the pack.

Apple's official stats say that 1.2 million apps are downloaded every hour or more than 28 million every day; that was at the beginning of the year before the launch of the iPad 2.

Nokia, who launched the Ovi Store back in 2009, also revealed that around one in every six of the downloads can be credited to its latest smartphones like the Nokia N8, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7, and the Nokia E7.

Six months ago, Nokia said that the Ovi Store had reached more than 2.3 million downloads per day and in November, that figure rose to three million.

It has also received the backing of an increasing number of developers with Nokia's app store now listing more than 40,000 apps, and that number currently growing at a rate of 1000 every week, with eight times the app count year-on-year.

But that still compares poorly with the Apple App store which is quickly approaching the 400,000th application milestone and Google which has more than 150,000 apps already.

Nokia also announced two new handsets today, the X7 and the E6, both of which will add to the growing number of smartphones from the Finnish manufacturer which can make full use of its Ovi Store.