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Senators Kerry And McCain Propose New Online Privacy Bill

In an effort to balance web users' right to privacy with the demands of E-commerce , US senators John Kerry and John McCain officially announced a new online privacy bill last Tuesday.

Kerry, the chairman of the Senate Sub-committee on Communications, Technology and the Internet said that it is within the rights of his fellow Americans, to decide whether they want their vital personal information be used for commercial purposes.

He also emphasised the necessity of a clear guideline for businesses that conduct E-commerce, which he believes will also bring a fair amount “certainty” into their business processes.

Kerry said in a statement, “(The Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2011) makes fair information practices the rules of the road, gives Americans the assurance that their personal information is secure, and allows our information driven economy to continue to thrive in today's global market,"

The bill's coauthor John McCain said, “Our legislation sets forth a framework for companies to create such an environment (where the companies are respectful towards customers’ personali information) and allows businesses to continue to market and advertise to all consumers, including potential customers,".