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Survey Finds That Nearly Half of UK Businesses Have Adopted Cloud Computing

Almost half of UK companies have already deployed some form of cloud computing within their operations, a survey conducted by the Cloud Industry Forum has revealed.

According to an article on ( IT Pro, the CIF survey found that 49 percent of UK businesses were using cloud computing services within their organisation.

UK businesses also seem to be quite happy with cloud services with 94 percent of cloud adopters stating that they were fully satisfied with the service they were getting. Cloud users are also planning to extend cloud computing capabilities to other parts of their operations.

Nearly all of the UK businesses that have yet to invest in the cloud are planning to do so in the near future with only 2 percent saying that they have no intention of using cloud computing services.

Despite claims that cloud computing will reduce IT costs, the survey revealed thatincreased flexibilty was actually the main driver for cloud adoption among companies that have fewer than 20 employees.

“I’m very encouraged by these results. The reality is that customers are trying the cloud, they’re doing it for a purpose and they’re very happy with it,” Andy Burton, chairman of CIF said in a statement.