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Survey Scam Targets Twilight Fans On Facebook

A new Facebook scam is preying on the fans of the “Twilight” novel and movie series, recent reports have suggested.

The scam reportedly hijacks the account of its victims, and then spreads further by sending itself to everyone on their existing friend lists.

The scam was first exposed by the Sophos blog. The blog said that the scam exploits the craze of the diehard Twilight fans with the help of a fake “Breaking Dawn” game. The game reportedly deceives users into granting access to their personal accounts. On clicking the “Play Now” button, a Facebook “Like” is activated, which is then followed by a link “virally” pasted on the user’s wall, prompting other users to click at the link too. Subsequently, the victims are made to go through a fake verification survey, thus earning the scammers their profits.

However, the volume of the attack is yet to be clear as Facebook denied comments on the issue saying that it is not within the policy of the company to specify the volume of attacks in individual cases.

A spokesperson told CNET in an email, “We are currently tracking this scam and are working to shut down the spammy vectors + remediate any users who have been affected."