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VMWare Announces New Cloud-Based Application Platform, Cloud Foundry

Virtualisation software maker VMware has released a new open source platform-as-a-service for developers who design tools meant for public and private clouds.

The cloud-based application platform, called Cloud Foundry, will compete with the likes of Microsoft Azure and the Google App Engine. The platform, which is available under the Apache 2 license, will let developers create their own PaaS engines.

VMware's system, which it will initially offer as a public cloud service, comes with support for a host of programming frameworks including Spring for Java, Rails and Sinatra for Ruby, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB and Redis.

The company also plans to release a commercial version of the platform targeted at enterprise clients. Enterprise users will be able to develop PaaS solutions that will be capable of running on private cloud infrastructures. VMware has also planned a micro-version of the platform, to be launched in the second half of the fiscal year, that will be able to run on a single system.

“A PaaS engine is a self-service platform that lets you develop and build applications and easily scale up and scale down your applications without having to fuss around with the actual middleware or the architecture itself,” VMware senior director of cloud and application services Jerry Chen, said in a statement to The Register ( (opens in new tab)).

This product is unrelated to VMares previous product named CloudFoundry, which supported applications written for Amazon Web Services.