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Windows App Store - A Sneak Peek

Images of the long-rumored Windows App Store, which is expected to be released with the Windows 8 operating system, have been leaked at a blog.

Chinese blog CNBeta posted the images of the Windows App Store, procured from an early build of the Windows 8 OS.

The images indicated that Microsoft has included three options under the 'Store' tab that allow users to download and manage applications on Windows App Store.

The screenshot features Microsoft software and other third party applications that are likely to be offered on the platform when it is launched. The Windows App Store features the Internet Explorer web browser, Security Essentials Office 2010 and Windows 7 Ultimate Edition by Microsoft and apps like Opera web browser, Rovio's Angry Birds and the Freecell game.

Some might claim that Microsoft is copying Apple's idea of a Mac App Store but it should be noted that rumours about a possible Windows App Store were around ages before Apple dished out the Mac App Store.

Windows App Store images justify, to an extent, Microsoft's attempts to prevent Apple from trade-marking the term App Store as its own. Microsoft is claiming that Apple has no right to the term as it is generic while Apple is striving hard to safeguard the term "App Store" that people have come to identify with Apple's iOS devices.