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£49.97 Dion DTR250SS10 250 GB Twin Tuner Digital TV Recorder

The Dion DTR250SS10 digital TV recorder comes with 250 GB of storage enough for recording 160 hours of video.

The digital TV record, which supports only standard definition, allows one to freely record a TV show while watching a programme on another channel. Most HD recorders available in the market are quite expensive therefore this one is an economic choice for customers.

Easy to set-up and operate, the device allows one to make it operational and scan all channels in about a minute. The picture quality is decent enough, going by the SD specifications. Thanks to the twin-tuner technology that comes with the device, users will be able to record two programs at one time and still be able to view a third programme effortlessly.

The device comes with an advanced Electronic Program Guide (EPG) which allows one to view programming schedules for up to seven days. The only problem with the EPG is that it shows programme schedule one day at a time, with users having to press the green button to view the schedule for other days.

The Dion DTR250SS10 also comes with support for Freeview+ channels which makes it highly adaptable.

The Dion DTR250SS10 TV recorder is available in a refurbished condition from eBay for £49.97 with a 12 month Tesco warranty.