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Amazon Postpones Acer Iconia Tablet Availability Until May

Both the W500 and the A500, two of Acer's newest tablets, have apparently been postponed until the 1st of May, according to their respective product pages on Amazon UK.

(ed : As many of you have pointed out to us, you can buy the W500 & A500 from Dixons and a number of other online retailers.)

The tablets were originally scheduled to go on sale on the 8th of April after having been presented to the UK press on the 24th of March.

The smaller A100 also appears to be postponed until the 1st May. No official reason has been given for the delay but we suspect that it might have something to do with logistics rather than software or hardware.

In addition, the W500 and the A500 are powered by two different operating systems (Android 3.0 and Windows 7) and come on two different hardware platforms as well (AMD Fusion and Nvidia Tegra 2).

The Asus EEE Pad Transformer is likely to be one of the main beneficiaries of the delay, since it is set to be launched in April at a lower price than the Acer Iconia A500.

Both tablets come with the Nvidia Tegra 2, a 10-inch screen and Android 3.0. But the EEE Pad Transformer costs less (from £361 at Comet), comes with unlimited online storage and the ability to add a £55 docking station which converts it into a notebook.

The W500 is the only one in Acer's range to offer this capability, but it is rather expensive at £530 and Windows 7 is not known for being a very tablet-friendly platform.

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