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Acer Iconia Tablet Trio Already Available From Dixons

Our readers were quick to point out that all the Acer tablets that were announced on the 26th of March have already gone on sale at DSGi (the company behind high street brands like Currys, Dixons and PC World), as well as Laptops Direct and many others.

Both the W500 and A500 are on sale for £450 with free delivery and are presently in stock according to the Dixons' website.

Interestingly, Dixons has opted for only one stock-keeping unit for each Acer tablet for now, and unlike others, such as Laptops Direct, hasn't listed the 3G version of either tablet or the 3G version with keyboard.

Also surprising is the fact that the Acer Iconia A100 and A101, two small-screen tablets that were announced at the MWC and the Acer Iconia laptop, are not on Dixons' roll call.

The Acer Iconia TAB W500 is the most interesting of the five aforementioned products as it is powered by an AMD C-50 dual core processor and includes Windows 7 Home Premium, twice the amount of memory of the A500 and has the option to add a keyboard to convert it into a notebook.

As for the Iconia TAB A100, it is available for the same price as the Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi version but surpasses the latter when it comes to the OS used (Google Honeycomb) and the onboard processor, the Nvidia Tegra 250 SoC, which has two 1GHz cores.