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Anonymous threatens Sony with biggest attack ever

Hacktivist hive-mind anonymous has threatened Sony with the 'biggest attack ever' this weekend.

The infamous international gathering of online activists is calling for a massive action against the Japanese electronics corporation in a video posted to YouTube which has since been removed.

Eurogamer managed to grab a copy of the message before it was deleted and it was still available to view at time of writing.

The computer-generated voice-over says: "Citizens of Anonymous, this is an update on the current operation, Operation Sony. [Geohot*] has taken a settlement with Sony. The case has been dropped. In the eyes of the law, the case has been closed. For Anonymous, it is just beginning.

"By forcing social networking sites such as Youtube and Facebook to hand over IP addresses of those who have viewed [Geohot's*] videos, they have performed an act of privacy invasion. We, Anonymous, will not allow this to happen.

"The attacks on the web sites of Sony have been ceased. Sony's poor attempts to explain system outages through maintenance have amused us. Therefore we are finding other ways to get Sony's attention. This April 16th, grab your mask, a few friends, and get to your local Sony store [indistinct]. Use the IRC and the official facebook page to organise a protest in your area.

"Make sure the people know the injustices performed by this corrupt company. Boycott all Sony products and, if you have recently purchased any, return them.

"It is time to show large corporations and governments that the people as a collective whole can and will change injustice in society, and we will make a great example out of Sony.

"Sony... prepare for the biggest attack you have ever witnessed... Anonymous style."

*Some of the audio is indistinct in places but we are assuming the statement is referring to George Hotz, the hacker who was heavily involved in the discovery and dissemination of the PS3's private security keys.