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Apple Integrating Do Not Track Option In Next Version Of Safari

Apple is reportedly adding a new 'Do Not Track' button on the next version of the Safari web browser which will feature in the upcoming Mac OS X Lion.

The new tool is available on a test version of the browser in an early build version of Mac OS X Lion which is currently only available to developers. Apple is expected to include the feature in the new browser when it launches it in summer this year.

A Do Not Track tools allows people to ban websites from tracking their online behaviour for delivering targeted advertising. Microsoft was first to introduce the new feature in its latest Internet Explorer 9 web browser followed by Mozilla, which added the privacy tool in Firefox 4.

Search engine giant Google was the last to include the feature in Chrome in the form of the “Keep My Opt-Outs” add-on. However, Google is yet to dish out a fully integrated version of the privacy feature. The company said that it will only do so after 'industry discussions'.

Google's increasingly popular web browser will one day have to include the functionality. The US government is planning to introduce a bill which will make mandatory for companies to specify how and for what users' personal private data is being collected.