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The Best iPhone 5 Tariff Ever : T-Mobile's £6 SIM Only Plan

Looking to grab a cheap deal when the iPhone 5 is launched (or indeed any data hungry smartphone), then you'd be hard pressed to find anything better than this £6 deal on T-Mobile via online retailer Chitter Chatter.

The £6 deal includes 100 minutes, 100 texts and 3GB data allowance (although T-Mobile describes it as the "unlimited internet booster").

You can also swap between so-called boosters as T-Mobile allows you to do so every month; these include unlimited texts, landline calls, T-Mobile to T-Mobile, Euro Talk and Text, Europe & Australia Talk and USA & Canada Talk, the last three being essentially international calling options.

There's also a similar £10 deal that ties you up for 12 months and offers 600 minutes and 500 texts on top of the data allowance.

The iPhone 5 is likely to be available only with a microSIM slot, which means that you will have to cut the T-Mobile SIM in order to make it fit.

It is interesting to note that the contract only ties you to one month rather than one year, which means that T-Mobile could effectively double (or triple) the monthly text and minutes allowance and offer a 12 month (or 24 month) option for the same price or slightly higher, making it an even better deal compared to Talk-Mobile.