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GAME Slashes Kinect Price To £80

Gaming specialist retailer GAME has cut the price of the Kinect to £80, a 33 per cent drop from its initial recommended selling price of £120, a move that is likely to spark a price war just before the bumper bank holiday season.

Neil Ashurst, the head of PR at GAME, stressed this point saying, "'The up-coming Bank Holidays will provide plenty of gaming time but, with money tight at the moment, gamers are looking for the best value deals on the market."

He added, "We are responding by giving customers an early Easter present with a range of fantastic deals and prices on consoles as well as on some of the latest titles."

Microsoft's motion controller was only introduced late last year and has already proved to be a massive hit, becoming the fastest selling electronic device, ahead of the Apple iPod and gaming consoles.

Note that the controller also comes with Kinect Adventures for free, and that customers can purchase a maximum of two Kinect devices, although we're not sure how many households actually possess two Xbox 360 gaming consoles.

The gaming retailer is also selling the PlayStation 3 with 160GB hard disk for £200, down from £228, the Xbox 360 with a 250GB HDD down to £220 from £265, the Wii Fit Plus bundle for £50 down from £75 and the PS3 Move Starter Pack down to £30 from £50.